Meet San Francisco's New Mayor

Photo of Local 853 staff and officers with Mayor London Breed

853 staff and officers with San Francisco Mayor London Breed at Holiday Inn shortly after she took office. (From left: Stu Helfer, Steve Beck, Joel Bellison, Mayor Breed, Rodney Smith, Scott Gonsalves, Steve Bender.)

Welcome Nvidia Drivers!

Twelve tech shuttle drivers who work for WeDriveU and shuttle the staff of Santa Clara-based Nvidia are now represented by Local 853.

“These drivers work out of the same parking lot as those at LAM,” says Local 853 business rep Tracy Kelley. “When they saw the LAM group join the union and get wage and benefit increases, they wanted the same for themselves.”

The group started working with Local 853 in October, and submitted their cards for card check recognition on November 6. A week later, the company recognized the unit, making them full union members with coverage in the master agreement.

Kelly wanted to give special thanks to Local 853 Organizer Steve Bender and to driver Esperanza Garcia, who was instrumental in getting her fellow drivers to sign and submit their union cards.

Arbitratrator awards members back pay

Local 853 represents three Mobile Equipment Supervisors at MUNI who oversee the work on cable car and street car rails throughout San Francisco. Business Agent Dan Harrington reports that he recently prevailed in an expedited arbitration on their behalf.

According to the contract, they’re supposed to be compensated at a rate 5% higher than the highest-paid person they supervise. The City initially refused, but on November 20, the arbitrator ruled that they get that increased wage going back to April 2017. “The check hasn’t been cut yet, but it will add up to many thousands of dollars for all three members,” Harrington said.


Long time 853 member and Canteen employee John Tacata was taking a well deserved vacation in Honolulu when he came upon a Hotel Workers’ picket line. Being a solid Teamster, he took time to walk the line and give his support.




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