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Dispatch Procedures

Warehouse and Manufacturing Dispatch Procedures

A dispatch form must be filled out, either by calling or coming to one the offices.

  • If you choose to call, the number is 510-895-8853, extension 3332.
  • If you choose to fill out the form in person, visit our Oakland office:

Call in will be on the first Monday of the following months: April, August and December. When calling in for dispatch, your I.D. number is your Social Security number. Please give the dispatcher your SS#.

A new dispatch list will then be established. You will be listed by date and time in the order in which you call or sign in.

You will be scratched if :

  1. You are dispatched for a job;
  2. You refused a job;
  3. You are not available for dispatch during the dispatching hours of 7:00 A.M. to 9.00 A.M. Monday through Friday;
  4. You are hired from a dispatch job, interview or application referral.

Scratched people may sign up again on any list at any time once they are available. It is your responsibility to notify the Local Union. There are three (3) lists:

  1. The "A" list: this list is for dues-paying members and is the first to be dispatched.
  2. The "B" list: This list is for members on withdrawal and is the second list to be dispatched.
  3. The "C" This list is for non-members and is the last list to be used for dispatching.

Should you have any questions, please contact the office. You may also call extension 3332 to speak with or leave a message for Dave Ellis.

Job Dispatch Form

Use this form to sign up if you are out of work.

Open the form in a separate window

Job Listings

The following employers are taking apps:

Genesis Logistics
4013 Whipple Road
Union City CA 94587

Bobtail Delivery Driver

Click here to download job description and qualifications

Gillig Corporation
25800 Clawiter Rd.
Hayward, CA

Looking for warehouse, welders and painters as well as assembly line workers

Cargill Salt

Tips for Resume Writing

In doing your resume, it is important to remember: these sheets of paper are going to market your worth to the new employer. When writing your cover page, start with energy and be positive regarding what you will bring to the employer. Finish with a complete objective statement.

Two popular resume styles are called "chronological" and "skill-based". Most employers will ask for the chronological resume.

What is important in a chronological resume?
  1. Make sure you have a strong work history for each employer - 2 years or more, with only a few gaps between jobs.
  2. Have several years of employment in the field you are looking for.
  3. List job titles and/or companies you have worked to create an image that presents you as a qualified person.
  4. The positions you have held show growth in your desired position and for you personally.
When should you use the skill-based format for a resume?
Use this format if you have an erratic work history, are making a career change, or have a short work history (which a chronological resume will emphasize).
What is important in a skill-based resume?
  1. Identify your skills.
  2. Label skills with headings.
  3. Analyze the position you are seeking and match your skills to what the employer will want.
  4. Write a description of your skills.