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New Coronavirus Issue of Connections

Message from Rome Aloise

To: All Local 853 Shop Stewards 

From: Rome Aloise-Secretary-Treasurer-Principal Officer 

As you are well aware, we are living in an unprecedented and uncertain time. In many ways, our world has been turned upside down by the coronavirus and the implications surrounding it. It has especially changed our work environment and the demands put on our members. 

We have many members who have been laid off because of the entire shutdowns of certain industries, and many members who are working overtime and long hours because of the demands put on the industries that they work in. All of this puts a strain on our members and their families, regardless of which category they fall into. I am especially proud to be a Teamster given the fact that our Local 853 Sisters and Brothers are stepping up to make sure the community is fed, transported and provided for in this time of disaster.... Read more

Coronavirus Resource Info from the California Labor Federation

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