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Canteen Vending

By a total vote of 162 to 17, the members at Canteen Vending in San Leandro and San Jose and at OCS in Hayward ratified a new three-year agreement on November 17.

The members in San Jose and San Leandro service and install both traditional vending machines and new style automated kiosks. The Hayward facility is primarily an office coffee service, with other beverages and snacks as well.

The contract included raises of as much as 60 cents for the OCS employees and an increase in the employer medical contributions of $200/month in San Jose. “Getting a good contract stemmed from having a strong committee who understood the issues and communicated well with all of the members,” said Business Agent Jesse Casqueiro. “We also had a strong group who were willing to threaten a strike if it came down to that.”

Casqueiro especially wanted to thank Shop Stewards Leonard Martinez, Gary Harryman, David Gordon, Mike Baxter, Greg Stuart, Bill Webb, and Pete Ramirez.

Le Boulanger Bakery

It took almost a year, but the 25 employees at Le Boulanger Bakery in Sunnyvale finally ratified their first contract in December, after having voted for union representation back in January. “The collective bargaining agreement includes wage and benefit increases of about 20% across the board, which is excellent for a first contract,” says Business Agent Lou Valletta. The new members ratified the contract by a vote of 18-3.

SFO Shuttle Oakland

The 34 members who work at the shuttle the public between the Oakland Airport and the Oakland Rent-a- Center ratified their new contract on November 2.

According to Business Agent Phil Ybarrolazza, wages were improved by 12.5% for the drivers and 15% for the customer service agents over the next three years. They also secured a 15% increase to the employer’s medical contributions over the same time period, as well as getting pension increases and other contract improvements.

Ybarrolazza wanted to acknowledge and thank Shop Steward Amin Abdullah, who was instrumental in helping secure one of the best contracts ever at SFO Shuttle Oakland.


The 94 members who work for Aramark in Fremont, the refreshment and office coffee company, have a new four-year agreement. “It’s the best contract that they’ve had in the 11 years I’ve been an agent,” says Lon Schmidt. “With major improvements in wages and health and welfare, the members overwhelmingly ratified the contract. nb

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