Supporting our Kids with Scholarships

James R. Hoffa Scholarship

Helping our kids reach their career dreams is part of what the Teamsters are all about. Union scholarships are available on the local, Joint Council and national levels. Here, Joaquin Soto (L), son of Juan Soto, who works at Central Concrete, received a $1,000 James R. Hoffa Scholarship.




Polland/Morales Scholarship and more

Sara Bruce (L) is the daughter of David Bruce, who works at Macy’s. She received a small scholarship from Local 853. Cristina Piscitello (R), the daughter of Frank Piscitello, Jr. who works for the City and County of San Francisco, received a $1,000 Harry Polland/Bob Morales scholarship from Joint Council 7. The two young women redeemed their checks at the August membership meeting from Secretary-Treasurer Rome Aloise. President Bob Strelo is in the back.

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