Don't Get Mad - Get Organized!

If you know someone who needs and wants a union at their workplace, call 510-895-8853 or contact our organizer Rodney Smith (510-746-3311). He'll be glad to follow up all leads.

Interested in organizing? Here's more info:

A few good reasons to want a union...
  • Health and safety
  • Respect and dignity on the job
  • Child care
  • Pension
  • Better wages
  • A voice on the job
  • Seniority
  • A grievance procedure
  • Fair treatment

Why do unions win only 51% of their elections?

    • Fear of losing job
  • Tem agencies (not creating full-time positions)
  • New workforce (immigrants, young people)
  • Ineffective labor laws
  • People don't know their rights
  • Pre-screening for employees who aren't likely to join the union
  • Media is unsympathetic
  • Intimidation from the boss
  • Bad information
Who are the "Teamsters"?

We're people just like you -- fighting for good jobs and a better future!

The Teamsters Union is made up of working men and women just like you -- 1.4 million of us from all across the United States and Canada. We are truck drivers and public employees, firefighters and nurses, police officers and food workers - and dozens of other occupations.

We speak many languages. We come in all races and nationalities. We join together in a common goal -- to build a better future for ourselves, for our families, and for our country.

What makes Teamsters different fom you?

We are organized. We join together to negotiate with our employers. That makes our voice stronger.

We have legally binding contracts with our employers. We decide what to negotiate in our contracts -- and we win better wages and benefits and improved working conditions. We win respect and dignity on the job. We gain protections against unfair treatment by our employers.

We run our union as a democracy -- from top to bottom. We elect our negotiating committee, our local union officers and our national union president. They work for us and with us to win a better deal for Teamster working men and woman.

How can the Teamsters help you?

As Teamsters, we have power and a voice on the job. Voting to become a Teamster is the first step in winning a legally binding union contract. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Report for 1995, union workers in private industry make 38 percent more that nonunion workers and receive 54 percent more in benefits. We participate by:

  • Working with our fellow employees to find out what issues should be addressed in the first contract
  • Electing a negotiating committee to represent the union in negotiations with employer.
  • Voting on the terms of a first contract.

We will decide what should be in our contract and we will vote on it.

Our local union and our national Teamsters Union team back us up with independent research on our employer and our industry, with lawyers to assist in negotiations and to represent us in the workplace, and with expert assistance on health and safety issues.

Plus, we'll have the help of 1.4 million working men and women just like us -- fighting to protect our jobs and our families' futures and fighting to build an America that works for working people -- not just for the special interests.

Are you satisfied with the way things are?
Do you need the better wages and benefits, the job security, and the respect on the job that a Teamster contract can bring?

Join Teamsters Local 853

Contact Rodney Smith (510) 746-3311

Local 853 Headquarters
7750 Pardee Lane, Oakland CA 94621
(510) 895-8853


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